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About Royal Gems International

Heritage, commitment, and quality are three of the few reasons why Royal Gems International Co. Ltd. is Southeast Asia’s largest retailer of precious gemstones and souvenirs. Based out of Thailand, the company currently has three domestic branches in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket as well as one regional branch recently established in Hong-Kong. Our wide range of precious stone products offers a rare beauty which is synonymous with the word “quality” and represents why we are the leaders in the industry with over 35 years of history.

It is our promise to maintain the highest standards in unwavering fashion. The company capitalizes on its own experience as well as Thailand’s abundance in skilled craftsmen and women to design and produce some of the most unique precious stone products with rubies, sapphire, topaz, emeralds, and pearls. Genuine silver products and furniture also make up a long list of extraordinary masterpieces that are being sold after meticulously being designed, produced, and inspected by experienced professionals. Our focus on detail allows each of our products to elevate confidence in our customers, making them trust our brand globally. Come take a journey with us and fully enjoy these wondrous marvels of nature that is gemstones.

About Royal Gems International

Our teams of experienced professionals have defined style and specialize in crafting dazzling products rich in Thai heritage that are carefully selected and screened for our customers to enjoy.

Our Gemologist Team
Our gemologist team has an abiding passion for accurately assessing all our precious gemstones. Their trained eyes in conjunction with our latest technology enable them to evaluate and screen all our raw materials with the latest gem identification techniques and gem values.

Our Design Team
As pioneers of design, our design team has time and time again redefined the definition of beauty with their ability to understand how to best showcase a precious gemstone molded through generations worth of knowledge. Through their design, each carefully selected gemstone will be able to shine and sparkle in any time or place. Their achievements have been recognized with multiple design awards – making our design team some of the best and most celebrated in the industry.

Our Craft Team
Our craft team is the creator of all our unique products. They are the ones who bring our design team’s vision to life. With advanced technical expertise, our craft team is often called upon to produce large amounts of unexpected products with such intricate detail in record time to satisfy all our customers’ demands.

Our Sales Team
Our sales team has over the years assisted our customers discover the breathtaking brilliance of our precious gemstones. It is their passion to serve you and tell you our story. Allow them to take you on a journey that will open up your world to sophistication and elegance.

Our Service Team
Our service team enables you to feel at ease with every purchase. They make discovery easy because regardless of the issues you may have, our service team will be there with you. No issues are ever too small, because the concerns of our customers’ are always our main priority.

About Royal Gems International

Like a precious stone, Royal Gems International’s story took many years to form. Our Founder, Mr. Thongchai Rochrungrangsee, developed his interest in gem production as a young boy at the tender age of 12 from being raised around a jewelry factory. As he grew, so did his passion and it was only a matter of time before he was old enough to begin selling the products being made in the factory himself. His understanding of the jewelry production process from the foundation up provided him with a vision of spectacular beauty that went on to solidifying his presence in the precious gemstone industry. This deeply rooted knowledge led to the founding of the first branch of Royal Gems International in the heart of Bangkok as a pioneer to sell precious gemstones and souvenirs to foreign tourists.

The company has since expanded from its modest beginnings to become a household name and the largest precious stone and souvenirs retailer in Southeast Asia operating 365 days a year in over 2,200 sqm of store space around the world. The company’s standard and quality products have been recognized by multiple institutions and associations worldwide, having received multiple awards and recognition from the Thai Jewelry Fest Club, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and the Tourism Authority of Thailand to name a few.

Presently our stores are frequented by tourists seeking the very best from all over the world including China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, and most European countries on a daily basis.

About Royal Gems International

Royal Gems International Co. Ltd. is proud to be a part of a long standing heritage and confidently certifies every product purchased from our stores for its quality and authenticity. Our Certificate of Guarantee is a lifetime warranty for all of our gemstones and is a promise from us to our customers that every carefully selected purchase made with us is made in confidence because buying our product is synonymous to joining our family and becoming part of our legacy.

Even though all our products undergo very strict quality controls, we understand that there may still be unforeseeable circumstances. If our customers discover any manufacturing defects in warrantied products, Royal Gems International Co. Ltd. will gladly reevaluate your piece for repair or replacement free of charge. In order to ensure a hassle-free process, we also offer complimentary two-way shipping for all warrantied products. Items that are not covered under the lifetime warranty will incur a shipping charge to the customer when they are returned after evaluation.